Used Baler DC Series (Copy)

Key Features:

Single Tension Cylinder ~ heavier bales
Auto-Tie ~ Pulls the Wire Across vs. Push
On Casters ~ for ease of cleaning
Sub Floor & Liner System ~ lower maintenance cost
Standard Options ~ greater value!


For setup boxes and shredded materials.

Bale Sizes: 44”x43” x variable and
48”x43”x variable
Width: 43” and 48” wide
Hopper Lengths: 50”,63”,75”
Main Cylinder: 8” bore trunnion design
System Pressure: 2500 psi
Main Motor: 30, 50, 75 or Twin 30 HP
Feed Type: Conveyor(s), hand, cart dumper,
air-fed shreds/trim
Bale Tying: Five-wire auto-tie (Pull Through
Meets all current ANSI 245.51 Safety

Additional 4′ Bale Tables
Infrared sensor and alarm with wiring
Side Load Feed Hopper (Flared One Side)
2-Side Load Feed Hopper (Flared Both Sides)
Hopper Extension up to 48″ (no window/door)
Hydraulic oil shipped in baler reservoir
Wire Run out Sensors
Off-Side Tier Controls
Slip sheet slot
Increase conveyor controls up to 7.5HP
Bolt-on UHMW tie slot covers
NEMA 4 upgrade
Bulk Wire System